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Came here to canada goose outlet store quebec say this. On busy weekend mornings (especially leading up to a football tailgate or something), there is a whole squad of employees outside working the drive through. One canada goose outlet usa directing traffic, one taking orders, one talking to the kitchen staff, one taking payment, one giving change, etc. It pretty impressive how much traffic and canada goose outlet store near me food they can move through that drivethrough. There could be a line of cars spilling out onto western but you still wouldn wait more than 4 5 minutes. The one that comes to mind is in Plymouth, but I only get the opportunity once canada goose uk site or twice canada my website goose discount uk a year when I drive out to Nags Head. While the one on Western Blvd in Raleigh gets a lot of hype, I found the supremes there to be consistently canada goose outlet canada overcooked and the biscuits to always be a little flat, but mostly they would always forget to put a spork in my box and the sweet tea was way, way too sugary (haven been to that one in a couple of years now though so could have changed).In Charlotte, I actually think the best one is on the corner of S. Tryon and Arrowood. They always have fries and bo rounds ready in canada goose outlet boston the mornings and the line never gets too backed up, which I have found can be a problem a lot of locations (the one in Southend comes to mind especially).The most underrated is probably the one right off of 421 in Lewisville, about 10 minutes out from Winston Salem. canada goose outlet 2015 There isn anything necessarily special about the food as a whole, but they always season the fries just right which is a canada goose parka uk big criteria for me personally.My most memorable positive experience was probably the off exit 50 on 77 going canada goose outlet uk fake through Statesville. Supremes were fresh, biscuits were fluffy yet dense at the same time, they were a little slow bringing it out but when they finally did canada goose outlet official they actually brought me a 3 piece dinner due to the hold up while waiting for the next batch of supremes.The tricky thing with it is that the customer service aspect can play such a big part and (to an extent) this can vary so much canada goose factory outlet vancouver shift by shift in the store. I do think there are some that perpetuate a great culture and it leads to canada goose outlet hong kong a better customer canada goose outlet phone number experience because they put more care into the food. I sure everyone has gone to one canada goose outlet woodbury of the where as soon as you walk in you know it is going to be an underwhelming, and ultimately, disappointing experience. It sad, but I always try not to judge a store off of one experience but sometimes you just don get canada goose outlet england the chance to go back and create a large enough sample size to truly judge.In the end, I say the one in Plymouth has given me an excellent canada goose outlet new york city experience all around, every time canada goose outlet toronto address I gone. The new ones that are more « chain canada goose outlet real ey » tend to be pretty consistent, whereas the older ones can be hit or miss in quality. some have better tasting sides, but lackluster chicken, or vice versa).For instance, the Wake Forest, NC has AMAZING biscuits and sweet tea, but lackluster french fries. However, the Durant Rd. North Raleigh, NC has amazing french fries, but lackluster sweet tea and biscuits.I would consider the Wake canada goose outlet uk sale Forest location to be « old school » whereas the Durant Rd. North Raleigh location is between « old school » and « new school ».The two companies are:and TandsNow, for my part the day to day variation in quality mostly related to correct biscuit preparation at any given I ever been to makes it impossible for me to pick a best. There are certainly ones I don like going to because they seem most likely to forget an item in my drive through order. But in general this variation means that any given might be the best that day. And I think there something a little special in that possibility that you don get at other fast food restaurants with more rigid quality control.

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