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The attorneys are too busy to figure out what help they need

Jethro Gibbs and His RulesOn the TV show NCIS, Jethro Gibbs provides words to live by in the form of Gibbs Rules. There are many different Gibbs Rules, some are based on being an agent like rule 9 « Don’t Go Anywhere Without a Knife ». Others are based on being in the Marines like rule 23 « Don’t Mess With a Marines Coffee, If You Want to Live ».

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There have been an unusual amount of big, come from behind victories this year, and Baltimore on Sunday was a prime example. This game was different, and you could tell well before halftime, there would be no comeback from the ‘Boys. The Eagles dominated from the opening kick, and dragged the NFL 1 rushing defense from pillar to post as LeSean McCoy racked up 200 total yards on 30 carries and 2 catches.

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