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We have always been fans of Kara Ross clutches made of exotic skins with jewel detail and now we’re loving on her line of big bags! This bone python “Cella” (it means “room” in Italian which you certainly get a lot of in this 16 x 10 x 13 bag!) is so elegant and chic I can not stop looking at it! Ready to wear this Spring is all about bold bright color so you’ll need the subtlety of this gorgeous bone color to compliment your Spring wardrobe. Plus neutral bone is a color that will translate well into the following Autumn season so you can use it all year round! My favorite part about the bag is the delicate bone resin hardware handcrafted in Italy- it really sets off the bag! Kara’s bags are as meticulously made as her jewelry (I visited her showroom this Fall and wanted to scoop up all the fab jewelry and clutches!) and this is a gem you should not pass up. It’s a bit large for me to use daily but would make a great travel/weekender bag. Those of you who are height blessed (like my new intern Amanda who is 5′ 11″) can delight in this bag everyday. Wait til you see the price, $2,985 for a large exotic is unheard of! Call Kara Ross or Bergdorf Goodman to pre-order yours today! Available in February at Bergdorf Goodman and Kara Ross’ online store here.

Such a resemblance to the BV bags! The color is ok,but really-is there anything new in this bag???

the color is lovely. the bag is stunning with that bone resin hardware!

how pretty! i’m excited to see this in person in the spring.

i LOVE this bag (especially the hardware), but i have to agree with mette. as soon as i saw it i thought to myself , where have i seen this before…o yeah BV.

Love this! Such a pretty color… and that hardware is amazing.

I like the color, the skin cheap replica handbags , and the hardware. The shape is very BV but the hardware makes it distinctive.

It is a pretty bag, and the colour sets off the skin really nicely. But it’s a dead ringer for the BV Sloane, and the resin hardware, while appealing, looks unnervingly fragile for holding up a bag that could easily be loaded with several pounds of stuff.

The very first thing I thought when I saw this bag was “Oh, another BV.” It’s a nice looking bag, but I’m not impressed. I think someone was “inspired”, if you know what I mean.

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