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Courtesy of Mark Hampton – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy of Mark HamptonAll eyes might have been locked on the dramatic back of Anna Kendrick’s J. Mendel gown on last night’s red carpet, but our beauty-trained eyes were honed in on her perfectly complementary French twist. As a result, we had to call up the man responsible for her updo, Ambassador for TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Mark Hampton, who gave us an exclusive backstage peek at the process of getting the Pitch Perfect starlet ready for Hollywood’s biggest night.On Thursday , Hampton and Kendrick met for a trial run to go through visual references and discuss the whole look. « I literally have thousands of images on my laptop of inspiration I’ve gathered over the years, » Hampton revealed. « But we didn’t pull any specific images; we were more just thinking about the texture and decided on a more matte finish. » Instead of using the visuals to influence the style, Anna was inspired by the statement-making back of her gown, which resulted in her choosing an updo to show off her attire. « At first we did a softer updo with more textures at the trial, but we ended up doing something completely different for Oscars night, » he said. « It was almost like we hadn’t even done the trial since the look ended up being a bit stronger and tougher, although it still had a bit of romance with the French twist and side part. »The day of the main event, he started at 11:30am at Kendrick’s house where they had another chat, agreed on a new look for her hair, and aimed for a cleaner style. Anna watched Striking Distance with Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker while Hampton went to work. First, he washed Anna’s hair and rough-dried it with a blow dryer. Even though he admitted updos work best on day-old hair, it was important for this style that her tresses be as fresh as possible. « You can’t direct the hair as well with day-old hair. » Hampton said. « The hair has to be fresh to manipulate the shape and get a perfect hairline. » After evenly raking TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Prep Volume Plumping Mousse throughout strands, he drew a side part and blow-dried each section in the direction it would ultimately be going. « I dried it with the front pulled forward and across the forehead, and the back of the hair was dried perpendicular to the neck so it’d be easy to direct the shape of the French twist , » he explained. Courtesy of Mark Hampton – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Hampton’s TONI&Guy setup. Courtesy of Mark Hampton.Next, Hampton added TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Glamour Volume Plumping Whip at the crown and lightly teased it for an elegant shape with some extra height. « That product also gives hair the more modern and authentic matte finish we were looking for so it didn’t look too shiny and done, » he added. Finally, he secured the French twist with U-shaped pins and finished by spraying TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray on his fingers and running it over any stray strands to preserve the matte texture. « It’s hard to do a French twist with long hair because of all the excess length, » he admitted. « So I folded Anna’s hair in half back on itself before I twisted it, then used a tail comb to tuck in the ends and pinned it in place. » Courtesy of Mark Hampton – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Mastering the French twist. Courtesy of Mark Hampton.Courtesy of Mark HamptonPhoto: The final touches. Courtesy of Mark Hampton.After Hampton had finished, Anna’s father, who showed up while she was getting ready, complimented her on how beautiful she looked, but she humbly downplayed her stunning transformation. « She was understated the whole day, » Hampton said. « We have a nice respect for each other and she just let me do whatever I wanted. She’s a totally low-key gal. »Check Out Anna Kendrick’s July ELLE Cover Shoot

Behind-the-Scenes of Anna Kendrick's Oscars Updo

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