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I felt like a cloud or a fog in front of my eyes kinda got

« We think the most prudent action would be for GE to consider suspending its common dividend for the next 18 months, » Goldman Sachs analyst Joe Ritchie wrote in a report published on Thursday night. »GE is in a challenging situation, » Ritchie wrote, adding that putting the dividend on hold would save the company $6 billion that can be used to pay down debt.Related: Inside the dismantling of GESuspending the dividend would be the latest blow for GE, which is getting kicked out of the exclusive Dow Jones Industrial Average useful site next week. GE was an original member of the Dow in 1896 and has been in it continuously since November 1907.GE has already taken drastic action on the dividend, which millions of shareholders rely on. Last fall, the conglomerate cut the dividend in half, marking just the second time since the Great Depression that it touched the coveted payout.

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