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I am still at a loss over how a recruiter that ran a golf pro

Yes, in a way. It more affirmed how I felt. Two of my grandparents really shared a lot of their Eastern European language and traditions with me. I am still at a loss over how a recruiter that ran a golf pro shop six months earlier is such an expert on information security recruiting.If they offer you $60 100K a year in a high COLA, reply that they are wasting your time for anything less than whatever pie in the sky figure you think you are worth. Recruiters asking for $100K max are trying to pad their bottom line for a new car.Recruiters that miss their call, call the recruiters boss and tell them to put you on their « Do no call list » Can say how many calls I have gotten back from the first recruiter thinking security people grow on trees.My advice, find the local security meetup group for security professionals in your geographic area and hang out with them, the local informal groups will find you better jobs than any former golf pro shop manager dreams they could land you. If you are personable, many will give you everything you need to know to make that leap to their shop.I would also get on Twitter and search for again local security professionals in the area and the job area you want to be in.I have only had one good experience with a recruiter and it got me down to the point of being the bridesmaid, not the bride.

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