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Can someone help me work out google adsense and this site

I see like everyone making money. Can someone help me work out google adsense and this site, how can i put google adsense to my hubs and stuff.9Help for New Hubbershey im new to this can someone help me out?by csd1509 9 years agoif i want google to start putting ads in my hub pages what is the first step i have to do?12Help for New HubbersWriting a report need helpby sid_candid 7 years agoI am writing a report on the topic, « 10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Dentist » I am unable to find much information on it. I either get, « Top 10 Facts Your Dentist Wants You to Know » or something like « How to choose a right dentist » Can you help me with this?.

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